Enterprise e-Medfiles (EEMC) Cloud

The SIA MedClinic Family

Key Features

1.   E-Cards for Sr. Citizens

2.   Online Medical Billing Service

3.   Online Health Tips and Forums

4. Providing direct links to medics and        diagnostics centers

5. Online Storage and Access of Medical        Records Service

Why EEMC...

S I A M e d C l i n i c F a m i l y Created by JMN the online Medical Rehab Office site is created for the enhancement of a Cloud based working environment for the field of communication. Its technology allows the Medical records to be shared as a primary function. By being able to be accessed by more than one user it provides better services. Medical records can be accessed by multiple users, faster thus saving valuable time and possibly saving lives. We also added an emergency card that can be used by family members to retrieve medical information instantly allowing them to determine the right course of action to take as they address homecare needs.

What we do..

will empower of a Cloud based working environment for the field of medicine. Its technology allows the medical industry to reach medical records faster and save lives. The emergency card will work as part of the security and will assist thousands of clinics and emergency personal in determining the right medical course of action to take in minutes.